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specs busted because IANA now redirects #78

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Doing a get on "" used to return a simple page, now it redirects to "".

This is causing many, many failures when running the specs.


See #79 for a solution.


I looked over this, and I don't think this is the best way to fix the specs because you're changing what's being tested. IMO, it would be better to replace "" with another static page (maybe even "") and change the associated content lengths, etc.


I agree in that this is not the best way; it just appeared to me to be the fastest way to bring specs back to a working state. Using doesn't sound like a good idea to me because its contents are more likely to change than's.

Perhaps there is a better way of testing webmock without relying on behavior of external HTTP servers at all?


I merged in @grig's pull request, but ultimately, I agree it's not the best way. It was just the expedient way to get the specs passing again so I could make some other bug fixes.

If either of you want to take a shot at providing a better solution, please do. Here are a couple ideas of mine:

  • Create a simple gist here on github with some known content, and make requests against that.
  • Boot a simple little local sinatra app that returns known responses. This is what I use for VCR (see here and here for the code).
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