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Curl::Easy http_post can take a list of arguments #80

tanzeeb opened this Issue March 07, 2011 · 3 comments

3 participants

Tanzeeb Khalili Bartosz Blimke Sal Fuentes
Tanzeeb Khalili

Hi, it looks like Curl::Easy's http_post ( can take both a single parameter and a list of parameters, but WebMock only supports the first form.

Will try to send a pull request.

Sal Fuentes

I'm experiencing this issue with webmock 1.6.4. What's the status on this? Was this ever pulled?

Sal Fuentes

FYI I sent over a new pull request

Bartosz Blimke

Thanks to @fuentesjr and @alexrothenberg this is now supported in WebMock master

Bartosz Blimke bblimke closed this July 30, 2011
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