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Setting an expectation from a RequestStub #83

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Currently, there is a lot of duplicated code when doing webmock stubs and then expectations, i.e.

stub_request(:any, "").with( ... )
## stuff happens ##
WebMock.should have_requested(:get, "").with( ... ).twice

The details in those ellipses (...) can get really long - it would be nice (and more DRY) to be able to set expectations directly on RequestStubs, i.e.

@request = stub_request(:any, "").with( ... )
## stuff happens ##
@request.should have_been_made.twice
jcf commented

This sounds like a nice idea. Fancy having a stab at the implementation and sending a pull request?


Sure - just wasn't sure if they were intentionally separated.


See pull request #103.

@afeld afeld closed this
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