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Steve Richert James Conroy-Finn Bartosz Blimke
Steve Richert

Via Gemnasium. This helps keep you informed on whether the latest versions of your gem dependencies are passing you by. Hope it helps!

James Conroy-Finn
jcf commented January 08, 2012

What is the benefit of using Gemnasium? As I understand it, it notifies one when new gem versions are available.

From their homepage:

We parse your Ruby projects’ gem dependencies and notify you when new versions are released. Learn more.

Steve Richert

Yes, it emails you about new gem versions (that you use). On top of that, it classifies your repos as either red, yellow or green depending on how up-to-date your dependency requirements are with the latest versions. If you're on the ball, your repos are green and that's what this status image represents.

If you want the emails as well, you can just go to and hit "Get started" to authorize via GitHub.

Bartosz Blimke

Gemnasium is awesome. Nice work @laserlemon.
Thanks for the patch.

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Jan 08, 2012
Steve Richert Add dependency status to README 672cad8
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 Library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests in Ruby.

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