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Fixing travis-ci image to report master's status #191

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I was originally turned off of webmock when I saw that the build was failing on travis and the last commit was 2 months ago. This pull request scopes the travis status image to the master branch.

jcf commented

Looks good to me.

@bblimke do you want Travis to test branches other than master?


Travis will continue to test other branches. This only changes the behavior of the graphic at the top of the README.


Looks good. I thought it was using master branch by default. Thanks for adding this param.

@bblimke bblimke merged commit 4dbc51d into from

Ironically, it looks like #196 broke the tests for master. :smile:


Not sure about that. All tests pass locally so looks like it's something specific to travis env.


@bblimke I think there is some issue with a gem dependency. I had trouble with the tests locally but didn't in the past. I think if you do a bundle update on your local machine you will also have failures.


It's Addressable >= 2.3.0. Looks like the changes in 2.3.0 are not compatible with WebMock.

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+WebMock [![Build Status](]( [![Dependency Status](](
Library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests in Ruby.
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