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Configuration System
[ ] System options via Zuora.configure (:ztax, :customer_acceptance)
Object Modeling
[ ] Spec coverage for all objects and mock responses (confirm modeling)
[ ] Attempt to map error messages to specific attributes instead of Base (no keys are provided)
[ ] Consider providing to_xml for objects as there are several complex nesting strategies related to subscriptions
[ ] Restructure Zuora::Attributes module to be less invasive
[ ] Read only attribute methods should probably be protected, however they are used on initialization from remote sources.
[ ] Handle HTTP errors gracefully in API module
[ ] Reconsider Zuora::Fault implementation
[ ] Create a "ZOQL" module that will generate queries and use this intead of inline ZOQL genration
[ ] Casting support for required types when the API wants date/datetime/etc
[ ] Base#has_many should support "#{assoc}=" method for resetting the collection
[ ] Custom attributes cannot be defined in the WSDL unless it is external to the library. (Implement support via config)
[ ] Custom default attributes are defined as dirty on instantiation, they should be defaulted but unchanged.
[ ] Nested objects such as SubscribeRequests do not change new_record/dirty for nested objects.
External Resources
[ ] Savon should support mapped type definitions via Nori (Base#parse_attributes)
[ ] Get pull requests accepted for dependencies (currently skiz/wasabi)
Review Notes
[ ] Invoices dates are procs? / invalid by default
[ ] Subscription Object spec
[ ] Tokens should be used for unique identifiers on account names/etc instead of incrementals.