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* @file tell_landslide.h
* @brief Specification for pebbles kernels to tell landslide about themselves.
* @author Ben Blum <>
/* Call this to indicate a "preemption point" in your kernel's execution. */
void tell_landslide_preempt(void);
void tell_landslide_thread_switch(int new_tid);
void tell_landslide_sched_init_done(void);
void tell_landslide_forking(void);
void tell_landslide_vanishing(void);
void tell_landslide_sleeping(void);
void tell_landslide_thread_on_rq(int tid);
void tell_landslide_thread_off_rq(int tid);
/* You should use this one IF AND ONLY IF you have mutexes that leave blocked
* threads on the runqueue (e.g., they yield-to-owner). */
void tell_landslide_mutex_blocking(int owner_tid);
/* You should use these if you used blocking(), above, or if you wish to turn
* on the data race detector (PRINT_DATA_RACES=1). Otherwise not necessary. */
void tell_landslide_mutex_locking(void *mutex_addr);
void tell_landslide_mutex_locking_done(void *mutex_addr);
void tell_landslide_mutex_unlocking(void *mutex_addr);
void tell_landslide_mutex_unlocking_done(void);
void tell_landslide_mutex_trylocking(void *mutex_addr);
void tell_landslide_mutex_trylocking_done(void *mutex_addr, int succeeded); /* 1 true, 0 false */
/* Bonus annotations */
void tell_landslide_dump_stack(void);