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backbone.js bindings for hoodie.js
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adds backbone and hoodie as dependencies
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Ben Nevile authored

backbone-hoodie adapter

Ben Nevile,

(begun by gr2m --

Use this adapter to keep maintain sync between your local Backbone.Collections and the local and remote hoodie datastores.

Backbone.connect() #creates a new hoodie at Backbone.hoodie

class Task extends Backbone.Model
  # models must have a type. maps to type in hoodie store.
  type: "task"

    name: "New Task"

class TaskCollection extends Backbone.Collection  
  # if a collection has a model, the adapter will keep the collection
  # up to date with all the models in the local store, as well as remote events
  model: Task 

t = new Task {name:"laundry"} 
# t will be saved into the hoodie store

tasks = new TaskCollection()
# upon initialization, tasks will fetch() all Task models from the datastore.
# it'll find t and insert t in tasks.

t2 = new Task {name:"groceries"}
# t2 will be saved into the hoodie store
# and will also be inserted into tasks

# t will be deleted from the store
# and will be removed from tasks
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