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CMD Resume


CMD-Resume is a Javascript based command line for demonstrating your resume. Here is an example of a resume in a command line.

CMD Resume Screenshot




  1. Include jQuery
  2. Include jQuery Terminal
  3. Include jQuery Mousewheel
  4. Download cmd-resume.js (Download v3 here)
  5. Create a JSON Resume file and upload to a remote directory or add to your website project
  6. [Optional] Create a custom CMD Resume data file (Schema here) and upload to a remote directory or add to your website project
  7. Initialize CMD Resume. Note: Settings and CMD Resume custom data are both optional variables

    var settings = {
        showForks: false, // For Github
        title: {
            color: "white",
            bold: false,
            italic: true
        command: {
            color: "green",
            bold: true,
            italic: false,
            backgroundColor: "pink"
        name: {
            color: "purple"
    $("body").CMDResume("uri/path/to/json-resume.json", "uri/path/to/cmd-resume-custom-data.json", settings);
  8. Upload to website

Bugs and suggestions

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions on how to improve CMD Resume please post in the Github issues.

How to contribute

If you wish to contribute feel free to fork the repository, make changes and submit a pull request. Please also write test cases with it. If you wish to work on existing issues please check out the Github issues.


  • Comprehensive Unit testing
  • Schema for extra variables
  • Skills table styling
  • Add to jQuery library files
  • Deployment script
  • Rationalization of \n usage
  • General code quality improvements
  • Validations for custom styles