LazySusan is a pluginable bot for Note: LazySusan no longer works as was shutdown.
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LazySusan is a pluginable bot for


  1. Install the package

     pip install lazysusan
  2. Copy lazysusan-sample.ini to lazysusan.ini.

  3. Update lazysusan.ini to include your connection information as per these instructions.

  4. Launch lazysusan


Specifying Additional Configuration Sections

In your lazysusan.ini you can add additional configuration sections and select one of those selections when you start lazysusan. Say for example you want to only load the echo plugin. You might define the following section:

plugins: simple.Echo

Then launch lazysusan via:

lazysusan -c echo_only

Writing Your Own Plugins

Here we will describe how to write the plugins sample.Sample and sample.CommandSample.

Create the file

You can save this file in any directory, just remember the path to the file.

Copy the following contents into the file:

from lazysusan.plugins import CommandPlugin, Plugin

class Sample(Plugin):
    """A plugin that outputs information about the songs that begin playing."""
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(Sample, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        print('Sample loaded!')
        self.register('newsong', self.handle_newsong)

    def handle_newsong(self, data):
        song_info = data['room']['metadata']['current_song']
        print('{0} started playing playing "{1}" by {2}'
              .format(song_info['djname'], song_info['metadata']['song'],

class CommandSample(CommandPlugin):
    """A plugin to demonstrate how to create commands."""
    COMMANDS = {'/test': 'test'}

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(CommandSample, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        print('CommandSample loaded!')

    def test(self, message, data):
        """The help message for the command /test."""
        print('The test command was called')

Update your lazysusan.ini to indicate you want to load your new plugins:

plugins: sample.Sample

Run lazysusan and specify the directory containing your plugins:

lazysusan -p /path/to/plugin/directory

Join the room the bot is running in and verify the plugins work:

First send the message /commands to the bot via pm (or room chat) and verify that /test is included in the list.

Then send /test and notice that the message The test command was called should appear in your terminal.

Finally you should see messages in your terminal when new songs start playing.