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A package containing extra needed pyramid functionality including helper functions and form validators.
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Suggested Alternative Packages

I created this package for use in two pyramid projects I was developing simultaneously and the features were needed in both of them. I've since learned about the following packages, and as such I will be removing functionality provided by this package.

Pyramid Layout

Pyramid Layout should completely replace the need for the site_layout decorator that pyramid_addons provides.


Colander is a validation package that should replace the need for the validation module provided by pyramid_addons. While its syntax appears to be a bit different it is an official pyramid package so it should be utilized rather than a less actively developed package.

Other notes

After discovering that pyramid supports view_configs that handle pyramid's HTTP exceptions, the neccessity for the http_ json response building functions that this package provides are no longer necessary.

Example Program

See the example directory for a sample Pyramid web application that utilizes this package. The script will start the web application, and the script is used to interface with the simple json API the web application exposes.

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