Testbed for experimenting with WebSockets. Hixie76 support originally based on the java-websocket project on GitHub by tootallnate.
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Testbed for experimenting with WebSockets.


  • Firefox 6.0.2: Native using MozWebSocket (hybi-07)
  • Firefox 7-10: Native using MozWebSocket (hybi-08)
  • Safari 5.1.5 (desktop): Native using WebSocket (hixie DRAFT-76)
  • Chrome 14: Native using WebSocket (hybi-08)
  • Internet Explorer 6-9: Flash Bridge (hixie DRAFT-76)*
  • Opera: Flash Bridge (hixie DRAFT-76)**

* Support for Internet Explorer 6-9 and Opera is provided with a third-party Flash client implementation and will not be maintained. Internet Explorer 10, which will only be available for Windows 8, will allegedly support WebSockets natively. Windows users without an unlimited budget are advised to use Firefox or Chrome, which are regularly updated with new features and security fixes without the added expense of an OS upgrade.

** Does anyone other than compatibility testers actually use Opera?

Build Instructions

The current build uses Maven. To build and install the modules into a local maven repository, use mvn install from the top-level directory.

The project can be imported into Eclipse with the m2eclipse plugin by cloning the repository to the workspace and importing with "Import existing maven projects." Since the example web application uses websocket-server as a dependency, Eclipse will report build path errors until the websocket-server module has been built and installed.

The web application can be deployed and undeployed through the Maven build. The relevant tomcat manager URL, username and password must be set as system properties when launching the script:

  • Undeploy mvn tomcat:undeploy -Dtomcat.manager.url=http://localhost:8080/manager -Dtomcat.manager.username=admin -Dtomcat.manager.username=password
  • Deploy mvn tomcat:deploy -Dtomcat.manager.url=http://localhost:8080/manager -Dtomcat.manager.username=admin -Dtomcat.manager.username=password


This is purely a study project. See the LICENSE file for mandatory legalese.
Unless otherwise specified, all application sources shall be considered to be released under the BSD 2-clause license. Friends don't force friends to use GPL.

Third-Party Code