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This package is a spin-off from the broom package for tidying output of statistical models; it imports basic functionality from broom and implements particular methods to handle a wide class of mixed (hierarchical, multi-level) models. It can be loaded directly or via the broomExtra package

Where to ask questions

  • for questions about mixed models and data analysis:
  • for questions about broom.mixed usage:
    • or
    • StackOverflow
      (similar pros/cons as the previous point)
  • for bug, infelicity, and wishlist reporting: the broom.mixed issues list
  • maintainer e-mail only for urgent/private communications

Please do not cross-post, i.e. ask the same question in more than one forum, unless it's suggested that you have posted in the wrong place, or unless you receive total silence in one forum. In the latter case it may be better to send a reminder/"bump" message to the original forum; in any case you should mention in your new message where/when you've previously asked the question.



tidy methods for mixed models in R






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