Utilities for dealing with Tumblr blogs, Tumblr backup
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Latest commit e976834 Sep 29, 2017 @vxbinaca vxbinaca committed with bbolli youtube-dl opts scpruce up/stability enhancements (#92)
- Opt per line for better readability.
- Continue download on failure and subsequent re-rip
- Do not over-write file if there already on a subsequent re-rip. This will speed repeated video-heavy blog archival greatly.
- Retries set to high number to ensure video is grabbed.
- Fragment retries set to high number to ensure video is grabbed
- Video errors, like geo-blocked youtube videos, will have the error printed to stdout for more information.



This is a collection of utilities dealing with Tumblr blogs.

  • tumble.py creates new posts from RSS or Atom feeds
  • tumblr_backup.py makes a local backup of posts and images
  • mail_export.py mails tagged links to a recipient list

These scripts are or have been useful to me over the years.

More documentation can be found in each script's docstring or in tumblr_backup.md.

The utilities run under Python 2.6 and 2.7.


On 2015-06-04, I made the v2 API the default on the master branch. The former master branch using the v1 API is still available on Github as api-v1, but will no longer be updated. The one feature that's only available with the old API is the option to backup password-protected blogs. There's no way to pass a password in Tumblr's v2 API.