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Utilities for dealing with Tumblr blogs, Tumblr backup


This is a collection of utilities dealing with Tumblr blogs.

  • creates new posts from RSS or Atom feeds
  • makes a local backup of posts and images
  • mails tagged links to a recipient list

These scripts are or have been useful to me over the years.

More documentation can be found in each script's docstring or in

The utilities run under Python 2.6 and 2.7.


On 2015-06-04, I made the v2 API the default on the master branch. The former master branch using the v1 API is still available on Github as api-v1, but will no longer be updated. The one feature that's only available with the old API is the option to backup password-protected blogs. There's no way to pass a password in Tumblr's v2 API.



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