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Lobsters Rails Project

This is the source code to the site operating at It is a Rails 3 codebase and uses a SQL (MySQL in production) backend for the database and Sphinx for the search engine.

Initial setup

  • Install Ruby 1.9.3.

  • Checkout the lobsters git tree from Github

    $ git clone git://

    $ cd lobsters


  • Run Bundler to install/bundle gems needed by the project:

    lobsters$ bundle

  • Create a MySQL (other DBs supported by ActiveRecord may work, only MySQL has been tested) database, username, and password and put them in a config/database.yml file:

        adapter: mysql2
        encoding: utf8
        reconnect: false
        database: lobsters_dev
        socket: /tmp/mysql.sock
        username: *username*
        password: *password*
        adapter: sqlite3
        database: db/test.sqlite3
        pool: 5
        timeout: 5000
  • Load the schema into the new database:

    lobsters$ rake db:schema:load

  • Create a config/initializers/secret_token.rb file:

      Lobsters::Application.config.secret_token = '*some 128-bit hexadecimal secret*'
  • (Optional, only needed for search engine) Install Sphinx. Build Sphinx config and start server:

    lobsters$ rake thinking_sphinx:rebuild

  • Run the Rails server in development mode:

    lobsters$ rails server

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