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.TH MACTELNET 1 "February 27, 2011"
mactelnet \- A tool for telneting via MAC addresses
.B mactelnet
.RI [ options ] " " < MAC-Address | hostname >
This tool enables you to telnet other RouterOS or MAC-Telnetd enabled
devices. You can connect to either a hostname or a MAC address.
If specified, the hostname (identity) will be looked up via MNDP discovery.
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax.
A summary of options is included below.
.B \-n
Do not use broadcast packets. A tad less insecure but requires root privileges.
This means that ethernet packets will have the specified mac-address as the packet
destination, instead of using the ethernet broadcast address.
.B \-t
Amount of seconds to wait for a response on each interface. If you have several network interfaces, this is the timeout value per interface.
.B \-u
Specify username. Without this option, you will need to enter the username in a interactive prompt.
.B \-p
Specify password. Without this option, you will need to enter the password in a interactive prompt.
.B \-h
Show summary of options.
.B \-v
Show version of program.
.BR mndp (1),
.BR mactelnetd (1),
.BR macping (1).
mactelnet was written by Håkon Nessjøen <>.
This manual page was written by Håkon Nessjøen <>,
for the Debian project (and may be used by others).
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