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Frontend Developper Love 2019/02/11

Speakers Twitter Talks
Johannes Ewald Jhnnns The future of JavaScript bundlers
Sean Larkin TheLarkInn New Features of Webpack 5
Elena Gancheva eagancheva Elegance of Movement with reactive Angular Animations
Luca Mezzalira lucamezzalira You don't know Microfrontends
Max Gallo _maxgallo "
Ana Cidre AnaCidre_ Angular and Webcomponents
Sherry List sherrrylst "
Gijs Weterings gweterings Transforming your Web Application into a PWA - Why and How?
Rick Hanlon rickhanlonii The Fresh Jest of Bel-Air
David den Toom Rest, GraphQL & gRPC
Kyle Mathews kylemathews What is new with Gatsby.js
Patrick Stapfer ryyppy A New Generation of Natively Compiled Tools
Evan You youyuxi What it’s like to be a full time open source maintainer
John Lindquist johnlindquist Unlock the Proxy Power
Natalia Venditto AnfibiaCreativa Automated Scaffolding with Schematics (Angular)

Vuejs Amsterdam 2019/02/12 - 13

Speakers Twitter Talks
Evan You youyuxi State of the Vuenion
Guillaume Chau Akryum Vue 2.6 SSR revolution
Create a Vue CLI plugin
Tim Benniks timbenniks Vue.js for L'oreal, a case study
Jen Looper jenlooper NativeScript-Vue + ML = The Great MiniBar Challenge: MixoLogy
Filip Rakowski filrakowski Modern Web Apps Performance Tricks with PWA and Vue.js
Sara Vieira NikkitaFTW GraphQL + Apollo + Vue.js = Magic
Maya Shavin MayaShavin Media for everyone - how to make your Vue Apps accessible for all users
Natalia Tepluhina N_Tepluhina Desktop applications with Vue
Damian Dulisz DamianDulisz Designing Components in Vue
Nader Dabit dabit3 Full Stack Vue in the Era of Serverless Computing
Jacob Schatz jakecodes Phenomenal design patterns in Vue using Vuex with Spiders
Alex Kyriakidis hootlex Static Site Generation is Awesome
Rolf Haug rahaug Static Site Generation is Awesome
Sean Larkin TheLarkInn Everything's a plugin: Understanding webpack from the inside out
Eduardo San Martin Morote posva Make your Vue apps Lighter by being lazy
Thorsten Linusborg Linus_Borg Building Components with Vue CLI 3
Quique Fernandez Guerra CKGrafico Empowering Vue with TypeScript, Inversify, Vuex and some other super tools
Gregg Pollack greggpollack Introduction to Nuxt.js - Nuxt explained Visually
Sébastien Chopin Atinux Nuxt.js 2019 - Don't miss the NEWS!
Roman Kuba Codebryo Next Level Jest Testing with Vue.js
Filipa Lacerda FilipaLacerda Vuex patterns - Why actions matter
Callum Macrae Accesssibility with Vue.js
Chris Fritz chrisvfritz Visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and WebGL in Vue
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