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MongoDB Sink for Apache Pulsar
Java Shell
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MongoDB Sink for Apache Pulsar

IMPORTANT: as this connector has been merged into Pulsar, it is no longer maintained. For more information, see


mvn clean package

You should get a nar file in the target directory.


  • Install the connector
$ mkdir connectors
$ cp <PATH_TO_PULSAR_IO_MONGO_PROJECT>/target/pulsar-io-mongo-2.1.1-incubating.nar connectors
  • Start Pulsar
pulsar standalone
  • Check the connectors
curl -s http://localhost:8080/admin/v2/functions/connectors
  • Configure a MongoDB sink

    • Create a config file mongo-sink.yaml
        mongoUri: "mongodb://localhost"
        database: "pulsar"
        collection: "messages"
        batchSize: 100
        batchTimeMs: 2000
    Property Required Default value Description
    mongoUri Yes The uri of mongodb that the connector connects to (see:
    database Yes The name of the database to which the collection belongs to
    collection Yes The collection name that the connector writes messages to
    batchSize No 100 The batch size of write to the collection
    batchTimeMs No 1000 The batch operation interval in milliseconds
    • Submit the MongoDB sink
    bin/pulsar-admin sink create \
        --tenant public \
        --namespace default \
        --name mongo-test-sink \
        --sink-type mongo \
        --sinkConfigFile mongo-sink.yaml \
        --inputs test_mongo
  • Retrieve sink info

bin/pulsar-admin sink get \
    --tenant public \
    --namespace default \
    --name mongo-test-sink
  • Check running status
bin/pulsar-admin sink getstatus \
    --tenant public \
    --namespace default \
    --name mongo-test-sink


  • Start MongoDB (for example with Docker)
docker run --name some-mongo -d mongo:tag

# Connect to the image using bash
docker exec -it some-mongo bash
  • Produce some messages
for i in {0..9}; do bin/pulsar-client produce -m "{'hello':$i}" -n 1 test_mongo; done


  • Delete the MongoDB Sink
bin/pulsar-admin sink delete \
    --tenant public \
    --namespace default \
    --name mongo-test-sink
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