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MongoDB interpreter for Apache Zeppelin
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MongoDB interpreter for Apache Zeppelin.

Supported versions of MongoDB: >= 3.0

If you are interested, there is a Docker image for Zeppelin with MongoDB interpreter:


Requirement: Zeppelin must be in your local repo.

mvn clean package


If you cannot build the jar, you can download it in the release page


  • Update $ZEPPELIN_HOME/conf/zeppeln-site.xml
  • Create $ZEPPELIN_HOME/interpreter/mongodb
  • Copy interpreter jar in $ZEPPELIN_HOME/interpreter/mongodb

In some cases, mongodb is not visible in the list of the available interpreters. In this case, after the previous steps, you can create a new interpreter and in the interpreter group selection, you should be able to select mongodb.



ParameterDefault valueDescription shell path command timeout of documents displayed in a table
mongo.server.databasetestMongDB database name
mongo.server.hostlocalhostHost of the MongDB server
mongo.server.port27017Port of the MongDB server
mongo.server.usernameUsername for authentication
mongo.server.passwordPassword for authentication
mongo.server.authentdatabaseDatabase used for authentication

How to use

In Zeppelin, use %mongodb in a paragraph. After that, you can type the same Javascript code you use when you write scripts for the Mongo shell. For more information, please consult:

There are several functions that have been added to help you in Zeppelin:

  • printTable(cursor, fields, flattenArray): to print a table (i.e. it uses %table). Arguments:
    • cursor: a DBQuery or DBCommandCursor instance
    • fields: an array of field names to put in the table (can be null)
    • flattenArray: if true, the arrays in the documents will also be flatten (false by default)
  • DBQuery.prototype.table: to print a table (it invokes the previous function)
  • DBCommandCursor.prototype.table: same as above



// Display a table
db.zipcodes.find({ "city":"CHICAGO", "state": "IL" }).table()

var states = db.zipcodes.aggregate( [
   { $group: { _id: "$state", totalPop: { $sum: "$pop" } } },
   { $match: { totalPop: { $lt: 1000*1000 } } },
   { $sort: { totalPop: 1 } }
] )

// Build a 'table'
print("%table state\ttotalPop")
states.forEach(state => { print(state._id + "\t" + state.totalPop) })


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