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* haml/sass propagation (desert)
* upgrade documentation/rake tasks to fix old migrations
= 1.0.3
* complete private messages integration, allow sending messages to multiple recipients
* upgrades to Event functionality, including RSVPs (eksatx)
* Photo albums, Static pages and messages controller tests (juafrlo, eksatx)
* calendar_date_select, icalendar gems now required
* added ability to unsubscribe from comment notifications for anonymous comments
* ical format output for Events to allow subscriptions
= 1.0.2
* Rails 2.3 compatibility
* RedCloth no longer required
* fixed swfupload to work with 2.3 and use Rack middleware
* use Desert plugin for code mixing and plugin migrations instead of Engines
* allow moderators/activity owners to delete activities
* only track login activity once per day
* allow anonymous commenters to choose whether they want to receive follow-up comment notices by e-mail
* refactor views to use 'box' helper for logical content modules, allowing better flexibility when trying to customize layouts
= 1.0.1
* fixed error when cropping photos using file system storage
* fixed error on messages#delete
= 1.0.0
* postgres compatibility (thanks Johannes)
* Some SEO improvements to page titles and urls for showing tags
* Fixed a security vulnerability
* updated to newest attachment_fu plugin (note new cropping in geometry strings for photo in application.yml)
- this attachment fu requires ImageMagick 6.4 or greater
* updated swfupload to fix flash 10 compatibility
* added ability to crop profile photo to better fit dimensions (/username/crop_profile_photo)
* updated TinyMCE scripts
* updated to newest Prototype and scriptaculous, and removed unused javascript files
= 0.10.8
* Updating CE for Rails 2.2.2 compatibility
* Removed Globalite in favor of Rails' native I18n API. Ce localization should work without modification
* renamed dozens of files to use Rails 2.0 conventions (ie. .html.haml)
* updated truncate calls to use new options hash format
= 0.10.7
* Updating CE to be compatible with Rails 2.1.2
* Lots of il8n refactoring, mainly using symbol tokens instead of string for localization in views.
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