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Can't access CE, #52

corck opened this Issue Jan 28, 2012 · 7 comments

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corck commented Jan 28, 2012

I've installed CE (rails3) inside my existing app and added following to my routes.rb

mount CommunityEngine::Engine => "/ce"

rake routes shows following:

rake routes | grep community
      community_engine        /ce                          {:to=>CommunityEngine::Engine}

However accessing this url results in an routing error

No route matches [GET] "/ce"
mdudda commented Jan 30, 2012

mount CommunityEngine::Engine => "/"

instead of

mount CommunityEngine::Engine => "/ce"

corck commented Jan 30, 2012

I tried "/" at first but resulted in the same error. Not sure where's the best place to start debugging

mdudda commented Jan 30, 2012

How did you install CEonRails3 in your app?
Can you give me an exact step by step guide of what you've done?

corck commented Jan 30, 2012

I ollowed the install instructions

added CE to my Gemfile

gem 'community_engine', :branch => 'rails3', :git => ""

Then I ran

bundle install --binstubs
rake community_engine:install:migrations

I had to modify some migrations as I already had some existing tables/models.
Then I ran

rake db:migrate

Next I added a new config/application_config.rb

configatron.community_name = "Breadcrumbs"

And I added to routes.rb

mount CommunityEngine::Engine => "/"

I also renamed my existing application.html.rb

bborn commented Jan 31, 2012

Do you have an existing controller action that maps to '/'?

corck commented Jan 31, 2012

I had, but I disabled it.

If I try to access /forums I get the same routing error, but from the logs, I can see that its loading CE in the stack

If I'll access / I only get a plain routing error

rake routes shows me the correct mapping (I think)

 home        /                                                                                  {:controller=>"base", :action=>"site_index"}
corck commented Feb 5, 2012

Found out what the cause of this error was. I was using the routing_filter gem, after removing it its now routing correctly.

@corck corck closed this Feb 5, 2012
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