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The sample project containing the code for my NodeJS talk about distributed systems.
Please note that this code is no more that a spike I wrote in around 4 days: be gentle with that, and do not run it in production!
I will refactor it, tough, for the next speech :)

what does it do?

What you have here is a process capable to implement some aspects of a key-value store (namely read and write) which does it using a distributed architecture. Following the CAP theorem it can use a CA approach (two-phase commit), an AP approach (sloppy quorums) or a CP approach (majority quorums). Based on the environment variable MODE it will select the operating mode.

what are the basic APIs?

POST /database/:key/:val
create or update a key on the database
GET /database/:key
Returns the value of the key on the database
GET /admin/dump
Dumps the database on screen (useful for demos)
GET /admin/clean
Kind of "cleans" the screen pushing a lot of blank lines (useful for demos)

how does it work?

The whole distributs system is composed of 5 different (potentially) running instances that sit oo host 127.0.0.x:300x, where x ranges from 1 to 5. Just launch node Server.js 3001 for example to start the server on port 3001, repeat for the others, then simply curl using the APIs them to see how it works :) Feel free to kill some servers or to freeze them using iptables (a script is provided for Linux)

are there any scripts?

General use:
Read the value of the key "city" from server #3001
Sets the value of the key "city" to a random value on a random server
Invokes the clean screen on all servers
Invokes the database dump on all servers
Using iptables, freezes the ip related to the port you specified (i.e. 3002 locks Requires root.
Flushes your iptables rules, all your rules will be removed! (iptables -f). Requires root.

Specific for some modes:
AP only - tricks the value of the key "city" to something else
AC only - propose a value for a transaction
AC only - rolls back the existing transaction
AC only - commits the existing transaction

Any hard requirements?

Node 4+ please and Linux with iptables if you want to play with freeze!

Where are the slides?

On slideshare where you can also download them if you need to.

Is there a recording of the speech?

A recording in english can be found on youtube thanks to Geecon.
A recording in italian is also available on youtube thanks to Codemotion.