The world's only Java-based rfc2822-compliant email address validator and parser
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The world's only more-or-less-2822-compliant Java-based email address extractor / verifier

email-rfc2822-validator is available in Maven Central:


And just to show you that this stuff is hard, here's JavaMail's official parser's javadoc on the subject (line 669):

     * RFC822 Address parser.
     * XXX - This is complex enough that it ought to be a real parser,
     *       not this ad-hoc mess, and because of that, this is not perfect.
     * XXX - Deal with encoded Headers too.
    private static InternetAddress[] parse(String s, boolean strict,
				    boolean parseHdr) throws AddressException {


There are two classes available, EmailaddressValidator and EmailAddressParser. The second is used to extract data from (complex / mangled) email strings.

For both of these, you use the EmailAddressCriteria enumeration to control RFC strictness.

Here's an example for validating an email address:

boolean isValid = EmailAddressValidator.isValid(emailaddress);
boolean isValid = EmailAddressValidator.isValid(emailaddress, EmailAddressCriteria.DEFAULT);
boolean isValid = EmailAddressValidator.isValid(emailaddress, EmailAddressCriteria.RFC_COMPLIANT);
boolean isValid = EmailAddressValidator.isValid(emailaddress, EnumSet.of(ALLOW_DOT_IN_A_TEXT, ALLOW_SQUARE_BRACKETS_IN_A_TEXT));

Latest Progress


  • #7: Clarified validation modes (default vs strictly rfc compliant)

NOTE: EmailAddressValidator.isValid() now validates using EmailAddressCriteria.DEFAULT rather than EmailAddressCriteria.RFC_COMPLIANT. Use EmailAddressValidator.isValidStrict() for RFC compliant validation.


Initial release