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Expandable/Collapsible Menu System (ECMS) 2001

This is an old javascript I did. It has its merits — working in Netscape 4 for one — but isn't accessible without javascript and is a lot more coding than required (takes a little longer to download). You might prefer the accessible expand/collapse menu I put together. I know I do!

Last updated

2001-10-06 (6 October 2001)

Key features

  • Unlimited menus per page
  • Unlimited levels per menu
  • Unlimited items per menu
  • CSS support for complete style customisation
  • Inline positioning (put it where you want it)

Supported platforms

  • Internet Explorer 4+
  • Netscape Navigator 6
  • Netscape Navigator 4+
  • Netscape Navigator 3 (creates menu but does not expand/collapse)

Known bugs

  • Unknown problem displaying images in IE5/Mac
  • Will not expand/collapse in Opera (tested Opera 5.12)
  • Will not work at all in Netscape 2
  • Images in Netscape 6 overlap with text during first load
  • When used in frames and viewed in Netscape 4 may require a page reload to generate


  1. Loading the javascript files
  2. Creating a menu
  3. Customising the menu
  4. Using multiple menus
  5. Controlling the menu
  6. Troubleshooting