A script for scrolling text in a web page (circa 2001)
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Text scroller

I created this scroller originally because I needed one which works in Netscape 6. While at it, I thought I would be neat if it could also scroll in reverse. Why, you ask? Because sometimes as a user, you see something you'd like to click on scroll along, and just as you try to click on it… it vanishes! Wouldn’t it be nice to hit “rewind!” and bring it back? With this scroller, you can.

Last updated

22 June 2001

Key features

  • Unlimited scrolling items
  • Freeze (pause) support
  • Fast-forward and rewind support
  • Dynamic speed adjustment
  • CSS support for complete style customisation
  • Inline positioning (put it where you want it)
  • Supported platforms
  • Internet Explorer 4/5
  • Netscape Navigator 6
  • Netscape Navigator 4+
  • Netscape Navigator 3 (lists all items, will not scroll)
  • Known bugs
  • Errors in Internet Explorer 5 on Macintosh
  • Will not work in Opera 5 (or lower)
  • Will not work at all in Netscape 2
  • Background colours are buggy in Netscape 4 (CSS bug)
  • Scroller position sometimes miscalculates due to margins, padding and borders on page


This is an old script and no longer supported. Feel free to download and use the code. It should be pretty easy to use.