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Art through modality translation
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ModalArt v 0.0.3

Art Between Modalities

Author: Bradley Baker

Currently in development.

Version History:

0.0.1 - Initial Development Version
0.0.2 - Added more flexible support for scales, 
        	and support of spectrogram img-encoding
0.0.3 - Moved to Python3, Added Text to Image Converter, 
        	additional Spectrogram encoding, 
        	and updates to EdgeMidi


This package strives to foster the creation of art by conversion of data modalities, facilitating new perspectives on the art-creation process and the art-encounter via technology.

Current functionality targets conversion between RGB images, audio, and text; however, conversion between other kinds of data and art modalities will be explored in the future.

Feedback is appreciated.


Midi works most simply in two dimensions - the Pitch (Y) dimension, and the Time (X) dimension. There are additional dimensions given in the intensity of the strike on the virtual keyboard and in the channel chosen, etc; however, the simpleest mapping imagines these values as pre-determined constants, such that the MIDI functionality involves some mapping of pitches over time.

Similarly images at their most basic have two spatial dimensions, an X and Y spatial axis. The idea of this program is thus spatial information given in an image to create a mapping from the image into this basic MIDI-space. There are many potential mappings from the image-space into MIDI-basic-space and into other MIDI spaces; however, one simple mapping uses a binary-spatial-indicator to detect whether or not an image is present at a given spatial coordinate in an image, and if so, adds a positive binary indicator to the same coordinate in the MIDI-basic-space.

To put it simply, we imagine that the MIDI-basic-space of pitches over time is placed as a grid over an image. Then, wherever we detect an edge in the image at a coordinate (x,y), we indicate that pitch (y) should be played at time (x).

This software performs 2 basic functions: 1) Edge Detection 2) Edge -> MIDI mapping

Beyond these basic functions, there is the included functionality of mapping images to particular Musical Keys.

Spectrogram Analysis

Converts image data into a spectrogram which can be used to generate .wav files. Alexodan's img-encode library is included, and additional "Squashed" analysis provides quantization of the spectrogram to a particular choice of scale.

All scales in scales.csv are currently supported.

Text Keyword Image

With input text, this module queries google images for images with related keywords. Queries are currently made naively, line by line. The library outputs a generated image created by combining the queried images.

For example, we take the text of "Ten Maps of Sardonic Wit" by Christian Bok:

Ten Maps of Sardonic Wit

atoms in space now drift
on a swift and epic storm

soft wind can stir a poem

snow fits an optic dream
into a scant prism of dew

words spin a faint comet

some words in fact paint
two stars of an epic mind

manic words spit on fate

and output the following image:

alt text


I am looking for active co-developers. Contact me at if you would like to contribute.


Version 0.0.3:


	MIDI mapping and output for Images already Edge-Detected
	All MAJOR scales
	All MINOR scales
	GNU-style Command-Line arguments for: 
		Adjusting resolution of grid
		Turning debugging on/off
	Pitch-Grid Debugging Outputs
	Customizeable Config File


	Squashed Spectrogram Analysis with Quantization
	Additional ImgEncode functionality
		based on [alexodan's img-encode library](


    Generate an Image based on text

Features coming:

GUI Unit Tests Image-Format Tests Edgemidi

	More command line arguments:
		Adjust MIDI Tempo
		Adjust MIDI Volume
	Alternative Octave-Grid Wrapping Choices
	Dynamic Image Transformation : 
	Generation of Video including time-marker showing pitch-playback 
	Auto-Dependency Check/Installation

More Scales

	Full Harmonic Scales
	All augmented/diminished keys
	All modes for major/minor keys
	Blues scales
	Jazz scales 

Usage: Required Packages: See requirements.txt

The tool is used only via the command line currently. A GUI is on the TODO list.
For now, the tool can be used via the command:
	$python -i <inputfile> 
	$python -i <inputfile>
	$python -i <inputfile>

For additional flags and arguments via the command line, type 
	python -h 
	python -h
	python -h
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