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Spring MVC application by Brendan Brooks and William Bierer for GCU's CST-341 (Open Source Computing) course
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MusiCloud Spring MVC Application

This project was created by Brendan Brooks and William Bierer for their CST-341 (Open Source Computing) course at GCU. This project is to exemplify full-stack knowledge for building a Spring MVC application. The idea behind it was to create a web application that would serve as a cloud storage for people to keep and stream all of their music. This is not intended to become a real product.

Our professor even featured this on his YouTube channel

Project Features

  • Account creation and registration
  • Update account information and password
  • Add a song to your library
  • Edit song information from within your library
  • Modern UI using custom CSS with Bootstrap CSS as the foundation
    • jQuery was used throughout the application as well

N-Layer Architecture

This project features an N-Layer architecture:

  • Data Access Layer
  • Business Service Layer
  • Presentation Layer

User Accounts

User accounts work by authenticating login credentials with the database, using the LoginCredentialsModel. A UserModel is then stored in the HTTP session so the application can know if the user is logged-in or not. If the user tries accessing any non-login page, they will be automatically redirected out.

ER Diagram

alt text

UML Class Diagrams

alt text

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