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OS X and iOS tools for interacting with Owon Oscilloscopes.

Currently allows screenshots and binary (not deep memory) dumps to be captured over the network. Will also summarize a binary file.


 ~/ow net screen /tmp/screen.bmp

The above will capture whatever is currently on the screen on the oscilloscope to /tmp/screen.bmp. Note that the host and port are read from the defaults database or can be specified on the command line.

Implementation Notes

The implementation is such that both network downloading and binary file analysis can easily be extracted for use in other programs. Note that the code will almost work on iOS; the use of NSInputStream and NSOutputStream will need to be refactored to use CF*Stream.

The command line tool does all command line argument processing through a slightly modified version of Dave Dribin's wonderful DDCLI project. The modifications enable the whole program subcommand pattern akin to launchctl, git, svn, etc… to be easily implemented. See for more info.

If you were to want to embed Owon oscilliscope support into your OS X or iOS application, start with the classes in the Owon Oscilliscope Classes group. In particular, the OwOscilloscope class provides a simple to use interface for talking to an Owon scope (currently limited to LAN based communications). The OwBinFile class implements decoding of the binary data files from an Owon scope (it is currently incomplete; needs to have the math added that converts the raw samples into actual data).

To Do

  • Implement CSV export in OwBinFile. This includes adding the math bits necessary to apply the time/voltage multipliers/divisors to the raw samples.

  • Add support for binary files that contain more than one channel's worth of data.

  • Add support for deep memory data file decoding.

  • Add an interactive mode. Prompt the user for a name. When user enters a name, sample a binary file and/or screenshot. Then prompt the user for the next name. This would allow one to easily run through a series of test scenarios; "baseline", "control set to 5", "control set to 10", "pressed stop button", etc...


OS X and iOS tools for interacting with Owon Oscilloscopes.







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