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EmacsWiki Light Theme

This is an attempt to design a light theme for the EmacsWiki, combining elements from various existing themes, and some other additions. Suggestions and pull requests are welcome, or you can file an issue at

Note that the current logo is just a placeholder - other designs or ideas are welcome!


Version 1

Version 2


To test the theme you can visit this link and use the wiki as normally - this uses a service provided by to serve github files with the appropriate content headers, though it will change to a more permanent location later.

To reset your theme to the default Bootstrap, visit this link, or see and choose one of the existing themes.

You can also download the project and open one of the '''test*.htm''' files, though note that some files may have extra whitespace here and there - this is just due to globally adding a linefeed after '>' characters to make the HTML more readable.

The basic test page is testPage.htm - the others are just different pages encountered in the wiki, though testSubtheme.htm exercises the dark subtheme by merging all of the test pages together. The wiki implements subthemes by just adding a class like 'dark' to the element.


Some discussion is available on Reddit, for version 1 and version 2.


  • Some further things to do

[ ] make new logo
[ ] change menu items from "SiteMap" to "Site Map", etc
[ ] update the favicon
[ ] add links to emacs main page, manuals, twitter, rss, along sidebar
[ ] add a back to top link at bottom

Existing themes

There are several alternative themes on the EmacsWiki at - some are included in the originals folder. There is also an image gallery with screenshots of some of the existing themes at

Some features drawn from other themes:

  • Cali+
    [x] use as a base
    [x] have section separators but lighter dots
    [x] headline text in normal font
    [x] box around table of contents
    [x] buttons at bottom

  • Made in California
    [x] gray links
    [x] larger `function references' text (had been too small on my system)

  • Planet CSS
    [x] code block font
    [x] colored syntax highlighting

  • Wikipedia
    [x] large logo on left
    [x] try headings with underlines instead of section separators
    [x] try a vertical sidebar


This CSS has the MIT License.


A light theme for the EmacsWiki made with CSS



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