@bbusschots bbusschots released this Jun 7, 2015

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The second BETA release of the re-named Crypt::HSXKPasswd (was XKPasswd.pm).

This release contains some bug fixes, as well as some feature changes:

  1. all data validation now done using a custom Type::Library type library of Type::Tiny types. With the help of @NosillaCast, many of the error messages have also been re-worded to be more human-friendly.
  2. a new helper class has been created to remove all circular dependencies - they were not breaking the code, but they were making my IDE cranky, and they just didn't smell right.
  3. a command-line interface (hsxkpasswd) has been added
  4. the test suite has been greatly improved, which should make it easier to spot bugs before code releases going forward
  5. the documentation got quite a bit of TLC

Apart from fixing any bugs this beta release highlights, all the remains to be done for the first stable release is to go through the documentation with a fine-tooth-comb to remove complex sentences, and to unify phraseology so there is better consistency.