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  • Remove string.format for something more javascript like
  • Pass console.log around, allows using different logger
  • Move the (path || '/') logic to repository


  • Pretty up github release page
  • Add test coverage


  • Add HTML pages for the different rel urls
  • Content negotiation (look for right content type)
  • Add smtp mocking, with same REST API (create servers on demand)
    • Would be nice as a plugin, allow other protocols as plugins
    • Add protocol to post /servers, use same REST API for each
    • Allow bin/httpmock to accept a parameter to a plugins path, allowing dynamic extension
  • Accept HTML; allow QA's to manually set up tests
  • Allow ordering stub calls to same path to simulate state change
  • Other language bindings
    • C#
    • bash (allow scripted setups)


  • isPortInUse gives intermittent test failures (timing issue?)
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