Saves banned IP's in flat file for later use & importing.
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Persistent IP banning with Fail2ban


This project allows you to save all IP's that have been banned by fail2ban to a blacklist file via some very basic python scripting.

Fail2ban will ban all ip's in the blacklist upon each restart. (see: additional notes)



If you have overridden actions.d/iptables.conf with a iptables.local file, Please review the iptables.local file that is provided with this project and make the appropriate modifications to your version.

After cloning this project:

cd fail2ban-blacklist
cp -r * /etc/fail2ban

Ensure and are executable:

chmod +x

Restart the fail2ban service: (will vary base on your linux distribution)

service fail2ban restart


If the above installation instructions are followed, everything should work upon restarting fail2ban.

You can manually add IP's to the IP file:

/etc/fail2ban/ <ip address>

The above command will add the IP to the ip.blacklist file if it does not already exist.

Re-banning of IP's is disabled by default. Un-comment the line in actions.d/iptables.d to enable. You may also execute the script manually:



Edit with your email address and configure a cronjob to run daily.

copy to /etc/cron.daily

This will email you all the banned IP's from the previous day with the associated country code.


Tested with python 2.7.9 on CentOS 6.6

Additional notes:
    1. If you are using the Fail2ban pyinotify functionality, Fail2ban will reban IP's when changes are detected in secure.log. This may create duplicate iptables entries for some IP's if reban is enabled.