Pixel-oriented paint program, modelled on Deluxe Paint
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Contact: Ben Campbell (http://scumways.com)


A pixel-oriented paint program. If you ever used Deluxe Paint, this should
be familiar :-)

Currently only supports paletted images.

Building from source (some random notes)

depends upon:

eg on ubuntu (and probably debian):
$ apt-get install qt4-qmake libdevil-dev libqt4-dev libgif-dev libxpm-dev

All QT code is kept inside src/qt. All the core stuff (in src/) is pretty
abstracted and could be used on any GUI system (eg I was thinking of doing
a Nintendo DS homebrew version some time)

To build:

$ qmake evilpixie.pro
$ make

The app assumes that the data files are installed at $PREFIX/share/evilpixie
where $PREFIX defaults to /usr/local. To use the ./data dir in place, hack
src/global.h to unconditionally set EVILPIXIE_DATA_DIR is "./data"

The type of build is set in evilpixie.pro:
CONFIG += qt debug
CONFIG += qt release
CONFIG += qt
  (release build if none specified? unsure. Maybe it's an unoptimised build
   with no debug info...)