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Weather by text/SMS messaging using Twilio
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This is the code which powers my Weather by Text service. The backend code is written in Python and uses the following services:

  • Twilio for text/SMS messaging (requests and responses)
  • HERE for geocoding (converting from place names into lat/long coordinates)
  • DarkSky for providing weather forecast data from lat/long coordinates

Image credit: Flickr


The code currently runs on Python 2.7. I'm running on a shared web host where I don't have sudo, so I'm not using any libraries beyond what's normally present in a 2.7 system.

You'll need to sign for free developer accounts on HERE and DarkSky, then set up these environment variables:

  • SLACK_WEBHOOK (optional)

(If you're using Slack, the webhook can be used to drop a simple message each time someone makes a request.)

On your webhost:

  1. Copy or clone the Python files from this repo into a path reachable from your web server
  2. Make the local ./logs directory and make sure its writeable by the web server process (on my system I just set it to 777 writeable by everyone)
  3. Test that everything is set up by running python - this will run a few locations through both the geocoding and weather APIs

Finally, in Twilio buy a number (or use one you already have) and configure it to do an HTTP POST to the file on your own web host for any incoming messages.

To Do

  • Improve the forecast response with more details like general conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc)
  • Add support for HELP query
  • Add better international support including units, look at using city/country code coming with Twilio request to see if those are useful
  • Convert to Python 3.8 and add requests caching
  • Improve error handling everywhere, especially if location is not found (make sure always respond to a request from user)
  • Look at hosting on AWS Lambda w/API Gateway rather than requiring a separate web host
  • Better handling for cases where >1 location may be found, give user a choice
  • Settle on best weather forecast API to use (currently set to DarkSky)
  • Future support for forecast in addition to current conditions
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