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don't force priority_zones to nil when time_zone_select helper is used #373

merged 1 commit into from over 1 year ago

3 participants

Lee Henson Don't Add Me To Your Organization a.k.a The Travis Bot Brian Cardarella
Lee Henson

This looks like a copy/pasta bug, unless I'm missing something more subtle.

Don't Add Me To Your Organization a.k.a The Travis Bot

This pull request passes (merged 0d7090c into c86621d).

Brian Cardarella

You are correct, good catch.

Brian Cardarella bcardarella merged commit 50d3836 into from August 22, 2012
Brian Cardarella bcardarella closed this August 22, 2012
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2  lib/client_side_validations/action_view/form_builder.rb
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ def grouped_collection_select_with_client_side_validations(method, collection, g
72 72
73 73
     def time_zone_select_with_client_side_validations(method, priority_zones = nil, options = {}, html_options = {})
74 74
       apply_client_side_validators(method, html_options)
-      time_zone_select_without_client_side_validations(method, priority_zones = nil, options, html_options)
+      time_zone_select_without_client_side_validations(method, priority_zones, options, html_options)
76 76
77 77
78 78

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