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Journal Entry #1: Initial Setup

Dae-won Gong edited this page Jan 14, 2022 · 1 revision
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  • Set up my Student Wiki Page in the course repo and write my first journal entry.
  • Add links to the main Student Wiki Page and
  • Install docker and create a new image and container.

Started: 2022-01-13
Completed: 2022-01-13
Estimated time: 1 hr
Actual time: ~ 1 hr


  • Set up my Student Wiki Page.
    • Submitted an issue in the Student Wiki repo. After the invitation, initialized wiki page with a main page with my basic information.
  • Start my Course Journal.
    • Start my course journal with this first entry (Initial setup).
  • Added links to my wiki/repo to the main student wiki page.
  • Installed docker through the docker website.
  • Create docker Image and container using:
    docker run -e PASSWORD=changeit -v "$(pwd)":/home/rstudio/projects -p 8787:8787 risserlin/bcb420-base-image:winter2022
  • Visited localhost:8787 on Google Chrome and was able to login to Rstudio using the credentials above.
  • Created test file and confirmed test file in local directory.


  • Successfully set up student repo and wiki with first journal entry.
  • Docker installed and container for course image run with no issues


  • Ready to start off the course with the repo and wiki all set up.
  • Docker will be a great/useful tool for most projects, so excited to learn more of it during the course.


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