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coursera-downloader (working - updated 14/9/2018)

Coursera Downloader - A simple automation script to download, label and arrange Coursera videos in ascending order.


  • Download tutorial videos in mp4 format
  • Name the videos according to the video title
  • Arrange the videos in ascending order with numbering
  • Download subtitles (will be added soon)

Getting Started


  • Python 3 and above
  • Enrolled in the course and have the course you want to download in the coursera website Last Active list


  • Install selenium
pip install selenium
  • Install requests
pip install requests
  • Download geckodriver v0.20.1

    1. Extract geckodriver.exe from the zip file
    2. Cut and paste geckodriver.exe into a folder that already exist in environment PATH

    Windows example using terminal:

    move C:\Users\bcbcbcbcbcl\Desktop\geckodriver.exe C:\Users\bcbcbcbcbcl\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32\

    Linux example using terminal:

    sudo mv geckodriver /usr/local/bin
  • Download from this repository and place it in the directory you want to store the courses

Start downloading

Open up terminal and type

python /path/to/the/script/ -u {username/email} -p {password}

Windows example:

python C:\Users\bcbcbcbcbcl\Desktop\ -u -p yourpassword

Linux example:

python /home/bcbcbcbcbcl/Desktop/ -u -p yourpassword

And enter the coursename you want to download exactly as shown in website

Please enter the coursename you want to download exactly as shown in the website: sequence models

(Make sure it is in your courses Last Active list and please be noted that this script is only use to download all videos in one course per time but not all courses in one certificate)

Other options

You may set the waiting time for web elements longer if your internet connection is very slow and take longer time to load a website. Of course, you can also set it faster if you are having very fast internet connection. Recommended minimum waiting time is 5 seconds even you are having very fast internet connection to allow the web page some time to load. Turn off headless mode will open up mozilla browser and allow you to see the automation script crawl videos from the website.

-t Time for selenium web driver to wait for missing element(s) implicitly          (default: 10)
-m Headless mode (download the tutorial at background without open up the browser) (default: True)

python -u -p yourpassword -t 20 -m False

Feel free to reach out for help if you face any difficulties while downloading the courses.


I believe education should be affordable for everyone. Download the courses and learn offline to save more.

Please share it with your friends if you found this useful. Thanks ❤️


bcbcbcbcbcl - Initial work - coursera-download


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details