Web App to interface with SolrPlant API
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Web App to interface with SolrPlant AP

This is the front end of http://bcbi.brown.edu/solrplant. The backend is a Julia Server with GitHub Repository

This front end is a Single-Page-React Application with the following characteristics:

  • Based on create-react-app
  • Redux pattern for handling application-state
  • ReactRouter for handling routes
  • ReactBootstrap for UI
  • Redux-Saga for asynchronous tasks

Live site

This site lives at http://bcbi.brown.edu/solrplant


  1. Getting this App up and running in developer mode and localhost
  2. Deploy with Docker and NGINX

Running in developer mode

  1. First of all Install or update NVM and Node (if you haven't done so)

  2. Clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/bcbi/SolrPlantWebApp.git SolrPlantWebApp
  1. Changes for developemnt

Currently the client submits http requests to a bcbi.brown.edu. When testing locally you may want to run your server locally as well.

  1. Install npm
npm install
  1. Start client

cd YOUR_PATH/SolrPlantWebApp
cd client
npm start

The last lines of the output should be

Starting the development server...

Compiled successfully!

The app is running at:


Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use npm run build.

You can now point your browser to http://localhost:3000/!

Deploy with Docker and NGINX

  1. Build image and make it available

    This repository includes a shell script to build, publish and test your docker image. To build the Docker image:

    cd SolrPlantWebApp
    ./docker_utils.sh "build"

    The image default name is bcbi/solrplant_web_app and can be pushed into BCBI's docker hub account (if permissions) using

    ./docker_utils.sh "push"
  2. Pull image into server

    Assuming your image is now available at DockerHub, you can now pull your image

    docker pull bcbi/solrplant_web_app
  3. Run image in container

    docker create -d -p 3000:3000 --restart=always --name solrplant_web_app bcbi/solrplant_web_app
    docker start

    -d runs in deattached mode.

  4. Test in localhost

    At this point the app is available at http://localhost:3000

  5. Configure NGINX If running in a subdirectory myserver.com/riair, you need to add a new location to your /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

    location /solrplant/ {
    • Note The '/' at the end of the paths is important a it tells nginx to strip it from the calls to out server.

Final considerations:

  • Create-react-app scripts need to be aware that you're not in the root directory. To do so, make sure that in /client/packege.json, you specify it in the homepage field (already done but good to be aware of)

    "homepage": "http://localhost:3000/solrplant/",

    This will have the effect that when npm run build is executed the static index.html will correctly set the links to static files, e.g.

    <link href="/solrplant/static/css/main.4546565.css" rel="stylesheet">