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"""Run tasks in parallel on a single machine using multiple cores.
import functools
import joblib
except ImportError:
joblib = False
from bcbio.distributed import resources
from bcbio.log import logger, setup_local_logging
from bcbio.pipeline import config_utils
from bcbio.provenance import diagnostics, system
def runner(parallel, config):
"""Run functions, provided by string name, on multiple cores on the current machine.
def run_parallel(fn_name, items):
items = [x for x in items if x is not None]
if len(items) == 0:
return []
items = diagnostics.track_parallel(items, fn_name)
fn, fn_name = (fn_name, fn_name.__name__) if callable(fn_name) else (get_fn(fn_name, parallel), fn_name)"multiprocessing: %s" % fn_name)
if "wrapper" in parallel:
wrap_parallel = {k: v for k, v in parallel.items() if k in set(["fresources", "checkpointed"])}
items = [[fn_name] + parallel.get("wrapper_args", []) + [wrap_parallel] + list(x) for x in items]
return run_multicore(fn, items, config, parallel=parallel)
return run_parallel
def get_fn(fn_name, parallel):
taskmod = "multitasks"
imodule = parallel.get("module", "bcbio.distributed")
import_fn_name = parallel.get("wrapper", fn_name)
return getattr(__import__("{base}.{taskmod}".format(base=imodule, taskmod=taskmod),
def zeromq_aware_logging(f):
"""Ensure multiprocessing logging uses ZeroMQ queues.
ZeroMQ and local stdout/stderr do not behave nicely when intertwined. This
ensures the local logging uses existing ZeroMQ logging queues.
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
config = None
for arg in args:
if config_utils.is_std_config_arg(arg):
config = arg
elif config_utils.is_nested_config_arg(arg):
config = arg["config"]
elif isinstance(arg, (list, tuple)) and config_utils.is_nested_config_arg(arg[0]):
config = arg[0]["config"]
assert config, "Could not find config dictionary in function arguments."
if config.get("parallel", {}).get("log_queue") and not config.get("parallel", {}).get("wrapper"):
handler = setup_local_logging(config, config["parallel"])
handler = None
out = f(*args, **kwargs)
if handler and hasattr(handler, "close"):
return out
return wrapper
def run_multicore(fn, items, config, parallel=None):
"""Run the function using multiple cores on the given items to process.
if len(items) == 0:
return []
if parallel is None or "num_jobs" not in parallel:
if parallel is None:
parallel = {"type": "local", "cores": config["algorithm"].get("num_cores", 1)}
sysinfo = system.get_info({}, parallel)
parallel = resources.calculate(parallel, items, sysinfo, config,
parallel.get("multiplier", 1),
max_multicore=int(parallel.get("max_multicore", sysinfo["cores"])))
items = [config_utils.add_cores_to_config(x, parallel["cores_per_job"]) for x in items]
if joblib is None:
raise ImportError("Need joblib for multiprocessing parallelization")
out = []
for data in joblib.Parallel(parallel["num_jobs"], batch_size=1, backend="multiprocessing")(joblib.delayed(fn)(*x) for x in items):
if data:
return out
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