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"""Next-gen sequencing alignment with Novoalign:
For BAM input handling this requires:
novoalign (with license for multicore)
import os
import subprocess
from bcbio import bam, utils
from bcbio.ngsalign import alignprep, postalign
from bcbio.pipeline import config_utils
from bcbio.pipeline import datadict as dd
from bcbio.provenance import do
from bcbio.distributed.transaction import tx_tmpdir
from bcbio.utils import (memoize_outfile, file_exists)
# ## BAM realignment
def get_rg_info(names):
out = r"@RG\tID:{rg}\tPL:{pl}\tPU:{pu}\tSM:{sample}".format(**names)
if names.get("lb"):
out += r"\tLB:{lb}".format(**names)
return out
def align_bam(in_bam, ref_file, names, align_dir, data):
"""Perform realignment of input BAM file; uses unix pipes for avoid IO.
config = data["config"]
out_file = os.path.join(align_dir, "{0}-sort.bam".format(names["lane"]))
novoalign = config_utils.get_program("novoalign", config)
samtools = config_utils.get_program("samtools", config)
resources = config_utils.get_resources("novoalign", config)
num_cores = config["algorithm"].get("num_cores", 1)
max_mem = resources.get("memory", "4G").upper()
extra_novo_args = " ".join(_novoalign_args_from_config(config, False))
if not file_exists(out_file):
with tx_tmpdir(data, base_dir=align_dir) as work_dir:
with postalign.tobam_cl(data, out_file, bam.is_paired(in_bam)) as (tobam_cl, tx_out_file):
rg_info = get_rg_info(names)
tx_out_prefix = os.path.splitext(tx_out_file)[0]
prefix1 = "%s-in1" % tx_out_prefix
cmd = ("unset JAVA_HOME && "
"{samtools} sort -n -o -l 1 -@ {num_cores} -m {max_mem} {in_bam} {prefix1} "
"| {novoalign} -o SAM '{rg_info}' -d {ref_file} -f /dev/stdin "
" -F BAMPE -c {num_cores} {extra_novo_args} | ")
cmd = (cmd + tobam_cl).format(**locals()), "Novoalign: %s" % names["sample"], None,
[do.file_nonempty(tx_out_file), do.file_reasonable_size(tx_out_file, in_bam)])
return out_file
# ## Fastq to BAM alignment
def align_pipe(fastq_file, pair_file, ref_file, names, align_dir, data):
"""Perform piped alignment of fastq input files, generating sorted output BAM.
pair_file = pair_file if pair_file else ""
# back compatible -- older files were named with lane information, use sample name now
out_file = os.path.join(align_dir, "{0}-sort.bam".format(names["lane"]))
if not utils.file_exists(out_file):
out_file = os.path.join(align_dir, "{0}-sort.bam".format(dd.get_sample_name(data)))
if data.get("align_split") or fastq_file.endswith(".sdf"):
final_file = out_file
out_file, data = alignprep.setup_combine(final_file, data)
fastq_file, pair_file = alignprep.split_namedpipe_cls(fastq_file, pair_file, data)
final_file = None
samtools = config_utils.get_program("samtools", data["config"])
novoalign = config_utils.get_program("novoalign", data["config"])
resources = config_utils.get_resources("novoalign", data["config"])
num_cores = data["config"]["algorithm"].get("num_cores", 1)
max_mem = resources.get("memory", "1G")
extra_novo_args = " ".join(_novoalign_args_from_config(data["config"]))
rg_info = get_rg_info(names)
if not utils.file_exists(out_file) and (final_file is None or not utils.file_exists(final_file)):
with tx_tmpdir(data) as work_dir:
with postalign.tobam_cl(data, out_file, pair_file != "") as (tobam_cl, tx_out_file):
tx_out_prefix = os.path.splitext(tx_out_file)[0]
cmd = ("unset JAVA_HOME && "
"{novoalign} -o SAM '{rg_info}' -d {ref_file} -f {fastq_file} {pair_file} "
" -c {num_cores} {extra_novo_args} | ")
cmd = (cmd + tobam_cl).format(**locals()), "Novoalign: %s" % names["sample"], None,
[do.file_nonempty(tx_out_file), do.file_reasonable_size(tx_out_file, fastq_file)])
data["work_bam"] = out_file
return data
def _novoalign_args_from_config(config, need_quality=True):
"""Select novoalign options based on configuration parameters.
if need_quality:
qual_format = config["algorithm"].get("quality_format", "").lower()
qual_flags = ["-F", "ILMFQ" if qual_format == "illumina" else "STDFQ"]
qual_flags = []
multi_mappers = config["algorithm"].get("multiple_mappers")
if multi_mappers is True:
multi_flag = "Random"
elif isinstance(multi_mappers, basestring):
multi_flag = multi_mappers
multi_flag = "None"
multi_flags = ["-r"] + multi_flag.split()
resources = config_utils.get_resources("novoalign", config)
# default arguments for improved variant calling based on
# comparisons to reference materials: turn off soft clipping and recalibrate
if resources.get("options") is None:
extra_args = ["-o", "FullNW", "-k"]
extra_args = [str(x) for x in resources.get("options", [])]
return qual_flags + multi_flags + extra_args
# Tweaks to add
# -k -t 200 -K quality calibration metrics
# paired end sizes
# ## Indexing
def refindex(ref_file, kmer_size=None, step_size=None, out_file=None):
cl = ["novoindex"]
if kmer_size:
cl += ["-k", str(kmer_size)]
if step_size:
cl += ["-s", str(step_size)]
cl += [out_file, ref_file]
# ## Galaxy integration
# Optional galaxy location file. Falls back on remap_index_fn if not found
galaxy_location_file = "novoalign_indices.loc"
def remap_index_fn(ref_file):
"""Map sequence references to equivalent novoalign indexes.
checks = [os.path.splitext(ref_file)[0].replace("/seq/", "/novoalign/"),
os.path.splitext(ref_file)[0] + ".ndx",
ref_file + ".bs.ndx",
ref_file + ".ndx"]
for check in checks:
if os.path.exists(check):
return check
return checks[0]