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# Example file for specifying run information to
# In a fully Galaxy automated setup this information can be retrieved
# from the Galaxy server based on user inputs. This YAML files allows you to
# run the automated pipeline separately or from other external programs
# If your folder naming is not standard Illumina style
# (110729_SN728_0036_A81UJUABXX) you can optionally specify a date and a unique name
# to use for naming the output files and project directories.
fc_date: '110812'
fc_name: unique_name
# Directory to upload final results to. Also supports Galaxy and S3 upload.
dir: ../final
# For each flowcell, you specify either the lane if the files follow standard
# naming conventions (1_110729_A81UJUABXX) or the names of the files if they
# are differently named. Can specify either one file for single end or two for
# paired.
- files: [/path/to/1_1-fastq.txt, /path/to/1_2-fastq.txt]
description: 'Sample 1'
genome_build: GRCh37
analysis: variant2
aligner: novoalign
variantcaller: gatk
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