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Automated Docker builds for bcbio
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bcbio automated Docker builds

Build Status

Use Travis CI and Quay to build Docker images for bcbio. Automates and splits up the monolithic bcbio/bcbio Docker container.

Docker images

This builds a variety of Docker images, supporting runs using bcbio generated CWL:

  • bcbio-base -- A base version of bcbio containing the code and no tools. This is the building block for application specific containers.
  • bcbio-vc -- bcbio with tools for variant calling: alignment; quality control; SNP, indel and structural variant callers
  • bcbio-rnaseq -- bcbio with tools for RNA-seq analysis: trimming, alignment quantitation and quality control.

The YAML files defining tools installed in the target Docker images are in packages. We autogenerate these from tool requirements in CWL specification files.

Under the hood

When you push an update to this repository, Travis CI notices and, according to .travis.yml above, runs which:

  • uses docker build to build images (on the Travis CI worker)
  • logs in to Quay using an authentication token for the bcbio+travis robot account, stored using a Travis secure environment variable.
  • pushes the images to Quay.

Thanks to vg_docker for the automation code.

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