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This version includes a number of contributions from supportive GitHub users. Thanks to all of you!


  • Corrected Java reference count of complex PyObject passed back and forth to methods (issue #120). Fix by sbarnoud.
  • Fixed problem where default methods on Java 8 Interfaces were not found (issue #102). Fix by Charles P. Wright.
  • Fixed error caused by missing sys.argv in Python when called from Java (issue #81). Fix by Dave Voutila.
  • Fixed problem where calling jpy.get_type() too many times causes a memory access error (issue #74). Fix by Dave Voutila.
  • Fixed a corruption when retrieving long values (#72). Fix by chipkent.
  • Fixed fatal error when stopping python session (issue #70, #77). Fix by Dave Voutila.


  • Can now use pip to install Python jpy package directly from GitHub (#83).
    This works for Linux and OS X where C compilers are available by default
    and should work on Windows with Visual Studio 15 installed.
    Contribution by Dave Voutila.
  • Java PyObject is now serializable. Contribution by Mario Briggs.