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OpenShift Project Folder

The workshop training material is currently hosted out of the pathfinder cluster inside of the wpvqx7-prod (devops-workshops (prod)) project.

Workshop Contents and Labs

2 application images can be deployed from this repo, each with their own directory:


This folder has the content to create an OpenShift compatible GitBook based application (docker image) that hosts the desired lab content for students to use during a workshop. This image does NOT need to be re-built to incorporate content changes, rather, a re-deploy will pull the latest content based on the environment variable configuration. A Configmap with GitBook summary files is required to enable dynamic lab contents, refer to Slow Release for details. To support running multiple courses overlapping, ensure that a branch is created for your course, and then add a "-a|b|c" to the deployment SUFFIX.

Example URL:

Create your parameter file and run the following to deploy (assuming the base image is available)

oc process -f ./provisioning_tools/openshift/ocp-lab-template.yaml \
 --param-file=./provisioning_tools/openshift/sample-lab.env | oc apply -f -

When workshop is finished and not needed anymore, make sure to delete the instance

oc get all,configmap -l course-session=<lab session lable>
oc delete all,configmap -l course-session=<lab session lable>


This folder has the content to create an OpenShift compatible RevealJS based application that hosts the desired material for instructors to deliver during a workshop. Each course will require it's own deployment with the specific course detail configured in the deployment environment variables.

Example URL:

oc process -f ./provisioning_tools/openshift/ocp-content-template.yaml \
 --param-file=./provisioning_tools/openshift/sample-content.env | oc apply -f -

Building Images

buildConfigs are located in the -tools namespace and are created as per the following:

oc new-build --name workshop-content \
 --context-dir workshop-material
oc new-build --name workshop-labs \
 --context-dir workshop-labs

The default image tag used by the deployments is "v2-stable", and will need to be added after the build.

oc tag workshop-content:latest workshop-content:v2-stable
oc tag workshop-labs:latest workshop-labs:v2-stable
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