Library for querying SurveyMonkey's v3 API
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SurveyMonkey Api Library v3

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A .NET library for querying SurveyMonkey's v3 api. It aims to entirely abstract away the api, so you only ever deal with strongly-typed .NET objects. It can handle things like rate-limiting and paging for you, and will also take care of the fiddly mapping between raw responses and the survey structure.

Install it with nuget:

PM>Install-Package SurveyMonkeyApi

Building an Importer?

Building an importer's a pretty common need, but can be very time-consuming to get right. Before you begin, you might consider licensing one which I've already built. It's written in C#, built on this library, and lets you easily store all your survey information in SQL Server. You'll get full source code access, and can modify it as you wish to meet your needs. There's more information at