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Quick importer from Zendesk to SQL Server
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A quick & dirty incremental importer from Zendesk into SQL Server. Gets tickets (including stats & comments but excluding attachments), organizations, and contacts.

Set up the database by pointing Redgate SQL Compare at the Database folder as a source. Populate the db connection string & Zendesk account details in app.config. Run the executable. Leave at least 5 minutes between runs, in line with Zendesk's rate-limit requiremenets. To build, requires the ZendeskApi_v2 package version at least 3.8.1-alpha11 (adding support for Organization bulk exports), which as of time of writing is only available by adding to your NuGet sources.

Though this may be a useful starting point, it was quickly put together for a specific personal need so lacks important things including good error handling / recoverability, tests, more accurate rate limiting.

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