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I have more I want to do, such as porting support for indexes, updating the read-me and adding a synchrony wrapper, but what I have so far is tested and documented (via RDOC), and can add some value now.

EDIT - I added index support, and am not going to attempt to provide synchrony support here - I realized the best place for that is the em-synchrony project, so I have an adapter ready in a fork of that project that matches the new API and will submit a pull request later

I realize there is a lot of change here - please let me know if there are any changes you want me to make (stylistic, structural or otherwise), or if you have any questions about the implementation.

As I said before, there are breaking changes here.

  1. The connection object no longer has CRUD methods. These exist only on the collection
  2. All calls that block for IO return a deferrable, and no longer accept a block directly
  3. the Find methods do NOT return deferrables because they return a cursor. As with the official driver network IO takes place until a method on the cursor is called.
PlasticLizard added some commits Jul 2, 2011
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Initial cursor implementation & tests 5f87497
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Finished up cursor tests, and added simple tests for db.command a059932
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Ported a selection of db helper methods and tests from official driver 270ddc4
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Moved CRUD operations into collection and out of connection. Started …
…the process of fleshing out Collection with select methods from the mongo-ruby driver
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Added distinct and group commands to collection 0feccee
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Ensure errback is subscribed to in all async calls so errors can't ge…
…t swollowed and synchrony style interactions won't hang
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Added RDOC comments for most public methods that were missing them, a…
…nd made an attempt to adjust the comments to match the ported versions of the methods.
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Replace EM::DefaultDeferrable with a custom deferrable, to make integ…
…ration with EM::Synchrony more elegant and generally make the callback mechanism more flexible
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Reverted the use of deferrables in the connection send_command method…
… to fix a memory leak. Cleaned up some over-zealous usages of deferrables where they weren't adding any value
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Added support for index management 7de62e2
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Added 'safe_(insert,update,save)' methods to emulate the ruby driver …
…where :safe => true.
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Working on README for new version 1a8678f
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard More readme 5d88f68
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Add readme examples to an examples folder, make sure the readme examp…
…le really works
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard readme tweaks 10b5d95
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Readme tweaks 5fbabdd
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Readme tweaks dffe290
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Update the changelog, updated the YARD docs to represent that Request…
…Response(s) will be returned instead of real values where applicable, added a backwards compatibility file (prev.rb) as well as an example of using that file to revert to the previous API
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard Remove dead attributes left over from the port 5f22065
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard README tweak bb0f3bf
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard README tweak 49e4926
@PlasticLizard PlasticLizard merged commit 0b395f4 into bcg:master Jul 16, 2011
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