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Bouncy Castle Kotlin API and DSL Distribution (Mirror)
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The Bouncy Castle Crypto Package for Kotlin

The Bouncy Castle Crypto package for Kotlin is a set of Kotlin classes designed to go on top of the Bouncy Castle Crypto Java APIs. The classes can be run with either the general BC APIs or the BC-FJA FIPS version.

Except where otherwise stated, this software is distributed under a license based on the MIT X Consortium license. To view the license, see here. The BC Java OpenPGP library also includes a modified BZIP2 library which is licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

Code Organisation

The kcrypto module provides the core functionality for the library.

The examples module provides examples of DSL use for various features, such as X.509 certificate and CRL generation, as well PKCS#10 certification requests.


The gradle script has been tested with gradle-4.9 and later.

Feedback and Contributions

If you want to provide feedback directly to the members of The Legion then please use, if you want to help this project survive please consider donating or purchasing a support contract.

For bug reporting/requests you can report issues here on github, or via feedback-crypto if required. We will accept pull requests based on this repository as well, but only on the basis that any code included may be distributed under the Bouncy Castle License.



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