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BC Data Catalogue source code, main ckan extension
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This extension provides the basic customized features on the BC Data Catalogue, such as schema updates, theme changes, etc.

ckan core and other required ckan extension including python modules are included as part of requirement.txt


  1. Activate virtual environment, e.g.

    $ . /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate
  2. Install the extension. Switch to ckanext-bcgov extension directory and run the following command:

    python develop
  3. Update config file and add the following plugins to ckan.plugins list : edc_app edc_geo edc_ngeo edc_webservice edc_disqus.

  4. Add the following lines to ini file to the search setting section if they don’t exist:

# solr related settings
search.facets.limit = 500
search.facets.default = 20 = true
ckan.api_key = your-sysadmin-api-key

# licenses and sectors JSON files, e.g.:
licenses_group_url = https://${BCDC_LICENSE_API_ENDPOINT}/bcdc_licenses.json
sectors_file_url = https://${BCDC_LICENSE_API_ENDPOINT}/bcdc_sectors.json

# (optional) Environment name
edc.environment_name = MYDEVBOX

# Dashboard settings
bcgov.dashboard.api_url =

# OFI Service endpoint
bcgov.ofi.api.public_url =
bcgov.ofi.api.secure_url =
bcgov.ofi.api.convert_to_single_res = true

# POW Service Endpoints
bcgov.pow.public_url =
# Siteminder enabled POW is enabled.
bcgov.pow.secure_url =
bcgov.pow.pow_ui_path = /jsp/dwds_pow_current_order.jsp?

# POW Settings
bcgov.pow.env = prod
bcgov.pow.past_orders_nbr = 5
bcgov.pow.custom_aoi_url =
bcgov.pow.persist_config = true
bcgov.pow.enable_mow = false
bcgov.pow.user_pow_ofi = true
bcgov.pow.order_source = bcdc

# POW Order Defaults
bcgov.pow.order_details.aoi_type = 0
bcgov.pow.order_details.aoi =
bcgov.pow.order_details.clipping_method_type_id = 1
bcgov.pow.order_details.ordering_application = BCDC
bcgov.pow.order_details.format_type = 3
bcgov.pow.order_details.csr_type = 4
bcgov.pow.order_details.item.metadata_url =


  1. Update (or create) import.ini file inside ckanext-bcgov/ckanext/bcgov/scripts/config. Add api_key, site_url options (they should be the same as in your CKAN .ini file).

  2. Create default vocabularies

    cd ckanext-bcgov/ckanext/bcgov/scripts
    $ python

Note: The following data files in ckanext-bcgov/ckanext/bcgov/scripts/data is required:

  1. Create organizations

    $ cd ckanext-bcgov/ckanext/bcgov/scripts
    $ python

Note: The following data files in ckanext-bcgov/ckanext/bcgov/scripts/data is required:


Originally converted from SVN Source

Original Repo Copyright 2015, Province of British Columbia.
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