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Verifiable Credential Authentication with OpenID Connect (VC-AuthN OIDC)

This repository is the home of a project to achieve verifiable credential based authentication using OpenID Connect.

See here for background into how this integration is defined.


The VCAuthn-Service has two main dependencies

  1. A backend database, postgres is used as the provider
  2. An instance of ACA-Py for handling the interactions with verifiable credentials

To run the OIDC-Controller in debug, first you must run these dependencies with the following command

    docker-compose -f ./docker/docker-compose.local-debug.yml build
    docker-compose -f ./docker/docker-compose.local-debug.yml up

Following this you can either launch the VCAuthn-Service in debug via an IDE like VS Code or Visual Studio or run the following command

    dotnet run ./src/VCAuthn

A Quick Demo


You will need an instance of von-network running in Docker

Running the demo

The following demo starts up the VCAuthn-Service and its associated dependencies, along with an instance of keycloak.

To start the demo run the following commands from within the docker folder:

    ./manage build
    ./manage start

Once you have the service running, a presentation request configuration must be configured on the service. You can configure this through either browsing to the swagger interface here or running the following curl command with a valid request body

    curl -X POST "http://localhost:5000/api/vc-configs" -H "accept: application/json" -H "X-Api-Key: test" -H "Content-Type: application/json-patch+json" -d "{ \"id\": \"test-request-config\", \"subject_identifier\": \"email\", \"configuration\": { \"name\": \"Basic Proof\", \"version\": \"1.0\", \"requested_attributes\": [ { \"name\": \"email\", \"restrictions\": [] }, { \"name\": \"first_name\", \"restrictions\": [] }, { \"name\": \"last_name\", \"restrictions\": [] } ], \"requested_predicates\": [] }}"

The API is protected with an APIKey which defaults to Test in the demo

An example of a valid presentation request configuration is the following.

  "id": "test-request-config",
  "subject_identifier": "email",
  "configuration": {
    "name": "Basic Proof",
    "version": "1.0",
    "requested_attributes": [
        "name": "email",
        "restrictions": []
        "name": "first_name",
        "restrictions": []
        "name": "last_name",
        "restrictions": []
    "requested_predicates": []

After configuring this, if you used the above presentation request configuration example, you can browse to keycloaks login page with this link

From here you can click the vc-authn option to try out the flow. Clicking this should redirect your browser to the VC-Authn service and display a QR-Code base challenge.

Project Affiliation

This project was formed from the code with us opportunity executed by Mattr funded by BCGov.

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